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This website is managed by Curetex Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Company"). Please read the following terms of use carefully before using this website and only use it if you agree to these conditions. Company may change the terms of use without prior notice as necessary. In that case, please acknowledge beforehand that the changed use conditions apply

Terms of use

The use of information should be made under the judgment and intention of the user himself/herself, and as a result of the access to this website or the use of the information posted on this website, Company shall not take any responsibility for inconvenience, disadvantage, or any other damage to the user. In addition, Company can not guarantee the contents of this website to be accurate, complete or reliable enough and to be reasonable for the purpose of the user.

Copyright and trademark

Copyrights, trademark rights and other rights relating to products, services, technologies, photographs, etc. posted on this website are owned by the Company or the owner of the original author. You are not allowed to use the information without Company's permission, except to use the information for private purposes.


The contents of this website or the website of a third-party website (hereinafter referred to as "Link Site") other than Company linking to this website are managed by each website's responsibility. Please check the terms of use posted on each Link Site and use it. Company shall not be responsible for the contents of the Link Site or any damage caused by using the site.

Notes on link-setting

You are welcome to link to this website freely, but please be sure to link to "". It is unnecessary to contact us when linking. However, links that apply to the following conditions are strictly prohibited.

  • Links from sites that contain content that could slander or defam Company or its products or services, or trust.
  • Links that become unknown to be Company's content, through the use of frames and other methods.
  • Links from sites containing adult content.
  • A link from a site that posted an illegal (including illegal possibility) content, or was involved in the activity (possibly involved).

In addition, the URL may be changed without notice. Company shall not assume any responsibility even if there is any damage to you due to the change.


Company does not guarantee anything about the information posted on this website and take no responsibility. In addition, please understand beforehand that information on this website may be changed or deleted without prior notice. Company shall not assume any responsibility for any damage caused in that case.

Prohibited matters

With using this website, the following acts are prohibited.

  • Acts that infringe third party or our property, rights, privacy etc.
  • Acts that may cause disadvantage, damage, or give to third parties or Company.
  • Slander or slander a third party or Company, or act of honoring honor or credibility.
  • Acts used for sales activities.
  • The acts of using or providing a harmful program such as a computer virus, or an action that may be feared.
  • Acts that violate laws and ordinances.
  • Any other acts that we deem inappropriate.

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