Joined “Japan Biostimulant Association” as a corporate support member.

Curetex Joined “Japan Biostimulant Association” as a corporate support member.

“Japan Biostimulant Association”

{ Definition of Biostimulants}
Biostimulant is a variety of substances or microorganisms which are processed into plants or soils and bring better physiological state to plants, or a mixture of them.
By utilizing the natural forces originally possessed by plants and their surroundings, these materials have a positive influence on plants for plant health, tolerance to stress, yield and quality, post-harvest condition and storage thing.
In recent years, the material called “biostimulant”, which has begun to gather attention in Europe and the United States, actively activates the physiological activities of plants in a wide range of cases. It brings various benefits to farmers, such as improving the quality of harvested products and increasing yield.
We will strive to develop more and more research and development and market as a useful material in the scene of future agricultural production, horticulture, etc. for multi-purpose sheet for agricultural gardening made of Japanese paper fiber.

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