Fashion brand 「LOHA DEUX」’s wear adopted was featured on the official site of the fashion magazine 『VOGUE JAPAN』

Wear adopted and is retailing on Fashion brand「LOHA DEUX」of CROSS PLUS was featured in the official site of the fashion magazine『VOGUE JAPAN』.

「LOHA DEUX」is the fashion brand that Satomi Iwasaki who is a stylist and active director with the magazines. Our washi fiber is adopted as wearable shirts and gilets of「LOHA DEUX」.

『VOGUE JAPAN』is working on「VOGUE CHANGE」project to promote a recent case in and out of JAPAN regarding enlightening social issues. 「LOHA DEUX」was featured in 「VOGUE CHANGE」section of『VOGUE JAPAN』official site.

『VOGUE JAPAN』official site「VOGUE CHANGE」section
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